Safety & Common Sense Matter

A moment or two of consideration will go a long way. Please be safe! OutStandingScreens™ has taken the time to consider safety and quality throughout product development. A certain amount of personal responsibility is expected from you. Only use OutStandingScreen™ screens, ropes, poles, and hardware. Your OutStandingScreen™ is not designed for permanent outdoor installation.


Children should not play around the anchor points for obvious reasons--ropes and stakes.  Even though designed for safety, good judgment should be exercised around your screen, just as for a volleyball net or similar tethered item.


Look up, look around, and down!

Look up to check for electrical wires and tree limbs and look around for other potential problems. Always consider where a screen might land if there's an unexpected change in the weather. Also, consider underground obstacles like soaker hoses, low voltage lighting wires and the like when choosing locations to drive stakes.


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