Still Showing Movies on a Sheet?  

Is it time to upgrade your screen? If you have been using "other alternatives" for your outdoor theater screen, now is the time to step things up! Below is our 16' OutStanding Screen with bed sheets overlaid.

 OSS 16 Compared to Sheet

If you have a projector that can project from 50" to 300" diagonally, do you want to project 80"? No? Neither did we! We wanted a drive-in experience! As described by one customer, "Wow!" We just can't describe the impact of a large screen!


Why you should buy an OutStanding Screen

Because we have done all the work for you! Our 16' Outstanding Screen is the best designed 16'x9' screen on the market, and we worked to make it sturdy, versatile and portable. Inflatable screens are the most expensive ($1,200) for the size and are cumbersome (100 lbs) and per our customers with inflatable screens, they were more difficult to work with, and put up and take down. If you choose a solid frame screen ($800) you face possible damage to the frame, expensive replacement parts, as well as the time it takes to assemble and tear down the screen. 


OutStanding Screens were engineered for simplicity, reliability and flexibility. Everything you need comes ready to go. If you are ready to go BIG then the buy now button is your solution! 


SALE PRICE $599.00



OSS Drive-In 16’ Screen System 16’x9’ (192”x108”) 220" diagonal.MSRP $999.00


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