Outdoor Theater

Do you want standard resolution video or high-definition? Do you want stereo sound, or surround-sound? There are lots of options that will dictate how you get the most from your equipment. Many components will work, but if you take some time to understand your equipment and especially the types of connections, inputs and outputs that are available, you can vastly improve your experience. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are glad to help! 


Outdoor Movie Theater

What do I need to show movies in my backyard?

A Screen: The surface you project on. We recommend one of our OutStandingScreens™.

A Video Projector: This is the device that projects your video source. The projector gets its signal (video-in) from your video player (video-out). If you already own a projector, problem solved. If you are buying a projector there are some things you should consider.

A Video Source: The video player sends video (video-out) to your projector's (video-in). The video player can be a dvd player, computer, video camera, VCR, phone, anything that has an external video port. That video source is fed to your projector using the appropriate cabling.

A Stereo: Your stereo gets its sound (audio-in) from the video player’s (audio-out). Your speakers connect to your stereo.


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