Screen Construction

We tested many stakes, ropes, fasteners and screen materials to come up with a light-weight, portable screen system for either front or rear projection. We use predominantly stainless steel and aluminum hardware, polyester screens and ropes, and all color-fast materials to create a product that should last for years. We are proud of the combination of size, simplicity, and weight.


Screen Materials

OutStandingScreens™ are made from bright-white commercial fabrics that are stain resistant, mold and mildew resistant, NFPA-701 fire retardant, permanent press and machine washable. We use top quality textiles that allow air to pass through. Why does air need to pass through? By choosing fabric with the ability to breathe, we get a much more stable, wind-friendly screen that still reflects a bright image.


Pole Assemblies

The OSS pole assemblies are a balance of weight and strength. We believe that we have achieved a nice balance of strength and weight. Anodizing protects the aluminum poles from the environment. The assembled

outdoor-friendly hardware is primarily stainless steel, rubber or vinyl. The black rubber feet are designed to be set on the ground.



The 11” stakes are made of a fluorescent orange plastic with rounded edges. Ever cut your bare foot on a metal stake? A key element, the stakes have multidirectional strength and durability, adding to their effectiveness as an anchor.

TIP: The stakes should be angled away from the force pulling on them. Lean the top of the stake away from the foot of the pole when you drive it in.

Ground Stake Illustration


Ropes & Dowels

The OSS Ropes are strong, lightweight, durable, and colorful. The ropes we chose for our screens are rated at over 500 lbs. and are wear-resistant. The hardwood fluted dowels add strength, bite, and a simple elegance.

Tension dowel image


Carrying Case

Your OutStandingScreen™ will arrive and stay safe and secure in our custom-designed carrying case made of durable, light-weight 600 Denier polyester fabric. The case holds your screen, poles, stakes, and instructions. Your whole portable outdoor movie screen, case, box and all, weighs less than 20 pounds. Its easily stored, light-weight, and portable.

Carrying Case photos


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